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A wedding is a special, romantic love story between 2 people. We love that we can showcase the love story of the couple on this magical day through photography and videography.

We love wedding photography and videography since the core of it is founded on the deepness of spontaneity, emotions, romance and true moments. There are also so many side stories to weddings that are incredibly significant like the responses of parents and grandparents, the speeches, the first dances, the reaction of the groom seeing his impending wife walking down the aisle and more. Having photographed the last time the wedding couple have seen grandparents or other loved ones, we realized that wedding photography is far from being worthless.

It’s an incredible day to get to photograph, and being invited into such a vital part of your clients’ lives is a great honor!

How we become to love what we do?

We could tell everybody about it being our passion since we’ve picked up our first cameras, or that it is because we have taken this amazing picture of a flower in “tweebuffelsmeteenskootdoodgeskietfontein” which have made such an impression on all and sundry who have the pleasure of seeing it in our living room. This however is not our story.

It did however started years ago with our love story. Even before that.

Dewald was a typical small town good boy (from Potchefstroom), never skipped a day in school, doing assignments on time, exercised. It wouldn’t be wrong to have called him a nerd. Moving to the big city, and boy, did everything changed. Life was a party! As a student in graphic design, one of the subjects was photography. Knowing about shutter speeds, ISO, and F-stops on a film camera was the tool that you take photos with. The second part was mixing the chemicals at the correct temperature and time, and learning stuff like dodging in the dark room. Dewald enjoyed the city life so much that he managed to convert a three year course into a four year one. The photography subject was interesting, however this is not where it started for Dewald.

Rindi, also a small town girl (Standerton) with City experience (Pretoria – the younger years) had a different outlook on live. She was and still is a go-getter. Her mom has died when she was a very tender age, however the biggest lesion she have learned from her mother was compassion. Living with her Grandparents have thought her a lot about live. Her Granddaddy was a professor at Tukkies and they had an active social live. Her Grandmother was the social butterfly and enjoyed social gatherings. Keeping up with her Grandmothers tradition and spirit, Rindi’s home, next to Menlopark High school become the social gathering place for lots and lots of high school students. But live had something different in store. Rindis grandparents decided to move to Standerton, and spend their time farming. Rindi decided to move into her own place and start waitering at the Spur in Standerton. She furthered her career by moving to Pretoria.

It was love at first sight, for Dewald anyway. With Rindi jumping spontaneously in front of Dewald with a friendly, “Hi, my name is Rindi” our love story was set to take on epic proportions and adventures.

Our first camera.
Rindi was now working as a sales representative and loved what she did, but  was certain there is more to live than doing what she was doing. Dewald was a full time graphic and web designer for a successful internet company. Rindi has expressed her desire to do photography. So we bought our first camera (A Sony Cybershot with a tilt head screen). Rindi enrolled in a photography course (to learn the ins and outs) while being a full time working mom and wife. She excelled and loved it so much, we decided to make Swanphoto our photography business. It did not take long for Rindi to figure out that she love to work with people and love the excitement and romance of weddings. Basically everything weddings become her interest.

Dewald as designated driver soon decided it was time to join in the whole process and we invested in a second camera.

A whole new world has opened.

First photography and later with the advantages of new technology videography.

We have not looked back from those first terrifying moments and are still learning and loving everything about wedding documentary.

For us it’s an honor to be trusted with the great responsibility to document a wedding for our clients as well as to see the delight and enthusiasm on our clients faces when we deliver works of art and beauty.

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