Warm winter wedding

Warm winter wedding
 27/05/2017 12:31

Thank you Mark and Ashleigh for having us at your wedding.

The blessings and message (below) we have received from you is the reason we do what we do. May your dreams as a couple be fulfilled in every which way. 

We wanted to write about your wedding, but since Ashleigh love reading books, and we came to the understanding that Mark is a rocket scientist, we thought we will awe you with your wedding photography pictures.

Thank you again for the kind words, your smiles and letting us capture and share in the joy of your wedding day memories.

Wedding Cufflings

From Mark and Ashleigh

"We were so blessed to have you both as part of our day. You were both such a lovely presence and functioned as far more than our photographers; we felt as though you were dear friends.

You made us laugh, lent supportive words and prayers, kept us calm, and even boogied with us on the dance floor.

The most special part was how you both took care of us and anticipated our needs in every way to ensure we were happy and comfortable.

From bringing us cold drinks during the photo shoot, to performing a miraculous healing of a facial mosquito bite minutes before the ceremony, you were both indispensable to us.

We are overjoyed that we went with SwanPhoto and would choose you again, a million times over. We will definitely return to you for our photographic needs in future. Not the least because you are such an incredible couple to be around!"

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