Perfect Winter sunset light

Perfect Winter sunset light
 29/07/2017 18:13

We met Bianca and Debbie about a month ago. 

After the meeting we looked forward meeting Luke. As Bianca and Debbie had a lot of beautiful comments about him. 

At Medley House in Benoni we met the fabulous event co-coordinator Sam and DJ Vernond. 

And of course Luke. When he laughs, he laughs from within, enjoying every moment of laughter and then some more.

We enjoyed the easy going nature of each one of his mates and family members.  

Bianca had a joyful spirit from the start and was able to hold her composure until the first look. 

Hearing her voice brought deep emotions forth in Luke.

And Dewald did an excellent job to capture the deep love Luke has for Bianca. 

Things that stood out, was the Sushi kombi, heartfelt banter of the boys and them singing their song. The Piano Man. 

We didn’t taste the sushi but we are huge fans of these beautiful vintage kombis.

We were able to capture the most romantic sunset photographs on the golf course. 

Bianca and Luke. 

As you start your first year together. May your love for each other grows and grows within you, with deep admiration for each other. 

May your story of your life be blessed with beautiful medleys.

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