Late summer wedding with rain blessings

Late summer wedding with rain blessings
 10/04/2017 14:06

They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day...   It's a symbol of fertility, of new starts, unity and renewal. 

That is exactly what happened before Leandri and Voster became one. 

As Leandri got ready to walk down the aisle a rainstorm came down. A rainbow followed which  was a promise that this couple will be blessed

What I loved was the free spirit and patience this couple had. They didn’t get nervous or anxious even once.

They celebrated their love from start to finish and we know their life together will be exactly the same. 

Thank you for being who you are, relaxed and trying to take in so much on your wedding day. Thank you for trusting us and letting us be part of your awesome day. May your union be blessed with Gods favor and love.

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