Jabulani - Coffee is here!!!

Jabulani - Coffee is here!!!
 07/07/2017 08:52

I have been a total coffee-holic. Until two years back. Then I converted to Tea.

We were looking for a new addition to our photography business and decided to buy a 1978 Kombi. 

The one we fell in love with was situated in Cape Town.

We have converted it to a mobile photo-booth as addition to our photography services. The journey and stories are available on www.phototank.co.za.

 One of our friends (a previous Bride and Groom couple) moved to Cape Town. And we were blessed to be able to spend time with them.

She started working at a coffee brewery (www.ambeans.co.za) and wanted to spoil us with a selection of coffees. 

O temptations! It wasn’t easy, the smell of freshly roasted coffee made me want to reconsider the decision I have made. Yet once a decision was made, a girl has to stick with it.

Dewald on the other hand, had a blast in experiencing a wide variety of some of the best coffees in South Africa. 

We bought some coffee and gave it to my bachelor brother who fell in love with it instantly. Ambeans range of espresso is the best there is according to him.

Two years later he still orders via Monique and it feels good to have connected them.

Dewald has had the privilege to design a lot of their product labels. Today we are showing his latest creation.

Visiting their beautiful brewery and meeting the people behind the scenes. As well as having coffee/tea in their intimate coffee shop in Somerset West Shopping mall. Made it easier for Dewald working on nailing their brand. 

It always warms our hearts being part of each other’s ventures and to see companies grow to their full potential.

We are blogging.

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