Im 30, and Fabulous

Im 30, and Fabulous
 10/03/2017 00:00

 Celebrating life should be a everyday occasion. It always struck me  (Dewald) that we are happy to celebrate the world and all its beauty  given to us by God. But when the most beautiful of his creation (a  person) walk past us, we don't even lift an eyelid. 

Making memories  everyday should be a priority.  Yolande decided she should celebrate her  birthday with a mask themed photo shoot.

30th birthday photography Birthday photographyBirthday Photographer

Working  with Yolande was a breeze. 

Making her feel comfortable, and getting  lovely smiles as well as heartfelt laughter was as easy as 1... 2...  3...

photography birthdaysbirthday photographersShelanti Birthday

The selected purple and white mask complimented her flowing purple dress, and this made for some amazing photography.

Thank You Thalana for referring Yolande to us, and thank you Yolande for all the great smiles and being able to photograph you

Birthday photographersAmazing birthdayPhotographer Gauteng

Enjoy your 30th year. Remember to celebrate and please give your husband a big kiss for letting you do this.

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