Bon Voyage David

Bon Voyage David
 17/02/2017 00:00

With event photography you never know what to expect. There are always interesting things happening. 

Today a whole company arrived to say Bon Voyage to David. From our understanding, he loves detail so much, he inserted the tail in detail.

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4 teams - blue, yellow, red and green was welcomed at the well established Klein Kaap in Centurion. First instructions was to beautify themselves with colorful face paint . Not knowing what to expect and with a lot of worried but colorful faces, it was time to meet the head chef. 

The real deal Kleinkaap master chef made his introduction and laid down the law. 

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Potjikos was on the menu at Kleinkaap, and each team was going to make the potjie themselves. 4 baskets, each with its own special ingredients made its appearance and it was time to choose. The options was beef, chicken, biltong and lamb.

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The teams swiftly learned that throwing ingredients into a Potjie was not as easy as it seems.  The food. The table setups. The presentation and team spirit. Everything was going to be judged! Knowing that David (mister detail himself), was going to judge their efforts and that everything counts in large amounts made for some uneasy and nervous banter. This soon changed as everybody bought into their respective teams, and before anybody could say "potjiekos", the competition was on.

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The yellow team made a beautiful watermelon and blue cheese salad. The blue team had the most vibe (according to Rindi). The green team, the best table setting. But the red team was consistent in everything they did and had the cherry on the cake and took the prize.

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A special shout out for Mpho, Anita and  Theunie, who made David's bon voyage event a memorable occasion
We know the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient was all the people there. We loved working with everyone of you.

David will surely be missed. To meet David and the competition winners, please view the video below.

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