Hello! We are Swanphoto.

Hello! We are Swanphoto.
 14/01/2017 00:00


I am on a Journey...
With my work, my explorations and a few stories.

I travel with my Camera,
documenting outrageous blessings.

I am on a quest for truth, beauty and quiet joy.

I’m a artist,
a Writer
(through photography)
and an explorer


Photography for me is not looking,
it’s feeling.
If you can’t feel what you’re
looking at, then you’re never going
to get others to feel anything when they
look at your pictures.

For the past ten years I have been observing
and capturing interesting moments in ordinary places...

I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see
and everything to do with the way you see them.

It still makes me happy!

I follow the light whenever I can
- and my style is  
soft, joyful with true moments of emotion.

(Cinematographer + Designer)

Love God, like good music, raak lieries oor enigeiets kreatief, enjoying all the good of life, and believe there is a lesson in everything.

Swanphoto are a Gauteng based Wedding documentary (Photography and videography) wife and husband team.

We specialize in capturing remarkable moments of your love story.

As a wedding documentary couple we work with pro photography gear.  We understand light (natural and artificial), natural posing techniques, as well as knowing how to get the best expressions out of our couples.

We know our tools, know how to post process with advanced editing techniques. We don’t overwork our images or videos and do our out most best to shoot correct first time.

In today's fast pace world, we make sure you get the best quality, most awesome memories of your beginning together.

We are humbled and honored that so many bridal couples have trusted us to be part of their beginning.

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